Eastpak and Raf Simons reunite for their 10th collaboration. Included is a redesigned Eastpak’s Padded Doubl’r backpack alongside two new designs, the Waist Loop bag and the Pocketbag Loop bag. Each style features detachable pockets and Raf Simons’ signature metal ring details.

The collection consists of seven colorways that feature graphics and slogans referencing Simons’ homecoming to his “own private Antwerp” from “stoned America.” Throughout the offerings, Simons pays tribute to the city where his design dream first began as he reflects on his roots in youth and subculture.

Eastpak and Raf Simons tapped photographer Serge Leblon to work on visuals for the collection. Leblon, known for creating cinematic moods using colors and lights, offers a distinctive photographic narrative of contemporary life that is unsparing, tender, familiar and mysterious.

Look for the collection to release at Eastpak.com on January 20.


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